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Achieve Your Dream Skin at Our Specialist Skin Clinic in Delhi

Welcome to the House of Aesthetics, the best skin specialist clinic in Delhi. A sanctuary where science and art intertwine to enhance your well-being journey. Founded by the most sought after celebrity dermatologist Dr. Neha Khuraana MD & esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Ashish Bansal, House of Aesthetics is an integrated & comprehensive space for all your wellness needs.

Dr. Neha Khuraana, acknowledged as the leading clinical & aesthetic dermatologist in Delhi, combines scientific precision with compassionate care to create personalized routines for radiant skin and healthy hair. Dr. Ashish Bansal, an experienced psychiatrist, leads mental health treatments using methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to support overall well-being.

Our clinic redefines your experience with state of the art technology, dedicated & tailored patient care. We strive to understand your unique story and tailor bespoke treatment plans for seamless experience.

House of Aesthetics is renowned as Delhi’s top skin specialist clinic, committed to your lasting health, wellness, and confidence. Join us on a transformative journey where expertise meets empathy, guiding you towards vitality and resilience through a personalized approach.


B-23, Ground Floor, N Block Market,
Opposite Main Parking
Greater Kailash -1, New Delhi 110048


Mon to Sun – 10:30 am to 8:00 pm
Wednesday off

We Are Specialist of...

At House of Aesthetics, we specialize in providing personalized and effective solutions for skincare, haircare, body, and mental wellness needs.

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Indulge in advanced skin treatments tailored to your unique needs. Our treatment ensures a rejuvenated and flawless complexion.
  1. Botox Injections
  2. Facial Fillers
  3. Anti-Aging Injections/Skin Boosters
  4. Tattoo Removal
  5. Birth Marks Treatment
  6. Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Treatment
A dermatologist giving PRP therapy to a girl


Rediscover confidence with our comprehensive hair care solutions.Dr. Neha Khuraana and her team bring innovation to every strand.
  1. Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
  2. Growth Factor Therapy
  3. Injection for hair growth
  4. Lasers for hair growth
  5. Detox Scalp Therapy for Dandruff
  6. Hair Transplant
dermatologist marking body parts for liposuction


Experience body sculpting like never before. Our minimally invasive procedures, redefine your contours for a confident, radiant you.
  1. Coolsculpting
  2. Micro Needling Radio Frequency (MNRF)
  3. Thread lifts
  4. Injection lipolysis for stubborn fat
  5. Scars, Burns and Stretch Marks Treatment
  6. Treatment for Pigmentation
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Mental Wellness

Nurture your overall well-being with our wellness therapies. Explore mental health support, ensuring harmony for your mind, body, and spirit.
  1. Personal Therapy
  2. Couple Therapy
  3. Body Image Difficulty
  4. Addictions
  5. Anxiety
  6. Depression

Our Results Say About The Work

Experience the magic of House of Aesthetics! From radiant skin to luscious hair, sculpted bodies to mental wellness, our before-and-after stories tell tales of transformation. Let your journey to beauty and well-being begin here.

before treatment mole on girl faceAfter treatment mole fixed on girl face
before treatment acne on boy chinAfter treatment acne fixed on boy chin

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