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Are you seeking an experienced psychiatrist in South Delhi? Dr. Ashish Bansal, our esteemed psychiatrist, offers compassionate and effective mental health care. With expertise in various therapeutic modalities, Dr. Bansal is dedicated to supporting your mental well-being. Schedule an appointment with South Delhi’s best Psychiatrist Dr. Ashish Bansal.
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Under Dr. Bansal’s supervision, the team creates a tailored plan nurturing your mind, body, and spirit towards complete wellness. Prioritizing patient-centric care, he ensures active involvement in the treatment process. At House of Aesthetics, you’re not defined by your struggles; instead, you’re empowered by the resilience within you.

With Dr. Bansal’s unwavering support and expertise, he stands ready to guide you towards the light, helping you navigate through even the toughest challenges. The team is committed to putting you first and aiding you in reclaiming your confidence and overall well-being.  


Co-Founder & Consultant Psychiatrist

House of Aesthetics | December 2022- Present

Vice President

Think Roman Ventures | Sep 2022- Present
Medical Director & Lead Psychiatrist
Prayas Healthcare | July 22- Present

Senior Resident

Institute of Health & Behavioural Sciences, Delhi | Nov 2021- May 2022

Lead Psychiatrist & Centre Head

Athena Behavioural Health, Gurgaon | July 2021-Oct 2021

Attending Consultant

Cosmos Institute of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences | Jan 2021-July 2021

Academic Junior Resident Doctor

PGIMER, Chandigarh | July 2016-Dec 2020