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Revitalize Your Hair with Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy: The Ultimate Solution for Hair Loss and Thinning

Did you know from nutritional deficiencies to hormonal disorders, genetics to pattern baldness there are various factors which can trigger hair loss. Hair loss is one of the most common conditions that affects more than 70% of the population. 

If you are someone who has tried all the Google approved DIYs, hair supplements & products and nothing has worked for you,  then we are here to rescue you from all your hair loss & hair thinning woes! 

Growth Factor Concentrate is a revolutionary treatment for hair loss which engineers potent concentrated growth factors from a patient’s own blood. It is a lunchtime procedure which stimulates existing hair follicles, revitalizes & nourishes scalp, enhances the quality of hair strands & promotes hair regrowth.

How is GFC prepared ?

Step 1: Blood Collection

We begin the procedure by collecting 16-20 ml blood into pre-loaded with growth factor blood tubes.

Step 2: Preparation of GFC

Once the blood has been taken we put the tubes into a centrifuge machine for 20-30 minutes which separates the patient’s concentrated growth factors from his/her blood.

Step 3: Administering GFC 

After the liquid gold has been obtained, we fill it into disposable micro syringes and inject it into your scalp. It contains platelet-derived growth factors, epidermal growth factors, insulin-like growth factors and even vascular endothelial growth factors which combats hair thinning & promotes hair regrowth.

What are the benefits of GFC Therapy?

– Minimally Invasive

– Zero Discomfort & Downtime

– 100% Safe as it is prepared from patient’s own blood

– Highly effective & promotes hair regrowth 

– Reduces hair fall & thinning

– Revitalises hair follicles

– Improves thickness & volume

How many sessions will you need?

Hair loss is a comprehensive concern which needs dedicated treatment. In addition to your oral medication, GFC boasts exceptional hair regrowth benefits. We recommend patients to take a minimum of 3 sessions in a regular interval followed by 3 maintenance sessions over a period of time.

Who is an ideal candidate for GFC Therapy?

Well, just like any other skin or hair concern; Hair loss can be dynamic in nature. Any men or women who are experiencing telogen effluvium or acute hair fall, pattern hair thinning is an ideal candidate for GFC. However, it is advisable to consult with the expert first before opting for the treatment.

What are the side-effects & risks involved in the procedure?

The procedure is absolutely safe & does not have any risk attached to it. However, you may experience following things post the treatment which subsides on their own:

– You may feel a slight itching post the procedure which will subside in an hour or so. You are not advised to touch or scratch your scalp post the treatment.

– You may also experience minor heaviness or headache post the procedure for which you can take any pain relief medicine as prescribed by your doctor.

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